The young couple while travelling to the seaside. Saw a bright light following their car. Later on under hypnosis discovered they had been abducted by aliens! Do you think this could be true? The Foureyed Poet.

The young couple first met at college

not instant love but it grew.

Through their studies they progressed

eventually settling down.

Buying their nice idyllic suburban home

their hobby they liked to roam.

On a summer’s evening decided to travel

to the coast for a break.

Happy and contented set off for the sea

travelling on lonely roads.

As dusk approached they noticed a light

like a star but far more bright!

Just a glimpse as they were very excited

as from a hill they saw the resort.

By now it was dark as many stars twinkled

but this one object was close.

It seemed to be following at a rapid speed

then they began to heed!

They were now entering their destination

how strange they thought.

Pulling into a car park they both felt tired

their watches had stopped!

Entering a supermarket they noticed a clock

two hours of time lost a shock!

Their last memory that approaching light

now their bodies began to hurt.

After having a pot of tea felt a little better

going onto the booked motel.

It was after a shower the marks were clear

how they got them no idea!

Weeks passed yet both were unable to settle

reading an article on alien abductions.

Though sceptical they  Hypnosishad to find out more

was this what happened to them?

Under hypnosis to their dismay it was true

their beliefs they had to review!

As the details of their ordeal became clear

they realised the meaning of fear!

That others told the same tale was a concern  

it was very likely they would return!

Do you believe that Alien Abductions is real

or just imagination do you feel?

I think there has been too many reported cases

there has to be something going on!

The Foureyed Poet.

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