Courage is a gift that must be used for the good of all amid one’s successes and greatness.


Courage is a virtue a man must possess.

It’ll be his armor to reach his goal, achieve his greatness.

Hence, it must be cultivated early in life;

That, one’s foot be assured of its every stride.

Courage is a gift more precious than gold;

Possessed by the greatest, wisest men of old.

And it’ll only be him whose courage is truly breathed

Who shall be remembered, in mankind’s mind forever live.

Yet let not greatness blind a courageous man;

For he’s but a part of the master plan.

Therefore, remember to use courage wisely

And bring only what is good to humanity.

Through a great man’s courage, let hope be born

Hope that a new Eden, mankind to see in the morn.

His courage to bring peace, harmony to the world;

To unite all men, once again, to the one family… to one fold.

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  • realityspeaks on Aug 18, 2012

    Awesome share. Yes, without courage we cannot move forward.

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