This poem lists some of my creative recycling tips.

Recycling costs a lot of money and recycling plants pollute the atmosphere;

So, the next time you drink a bottle of beer;

Why don’t you wash it out and use it as a vase;

And if you drink from aluminum cans; buy a case.

Then, you can use them as musical instruments to entertain your cats;

This makes recycling fun; how about that?

Yogurt containers can be washed and reused to store beads or paper clips;

These are just a few creative tips.

Plastic silverware can be washed and used again;

To give more utensils to women and men.

Packaging bubbles can be used for storage or popping stress relief;

But, you probably shouldn’t recycle beef.

To hold flowers; you can use shampoo bottles;

Just keep them up high if you have a child who toddles.

Aluminum foil can be used for art;

You can sculpt all kinds of projects from your heart.

Plastic shopping bags can be reused to hold trash;

This may save you a little cash.

Juice bottles can be used again to hold drinking water;

Which will keep you cool as the weather gets hotter.

Old sheets can be used to decorate your house;

Which may make a lovely setting for you and your spouse.

Packaging peanuts can be used for art projects or as toys for your pets;

Just don’t let them eat the peanuts or you may need to call a vet.

It isn’t hard to be creative; just open up your mind;

You can even make fertilizer for your garden out of old fruit rinds!

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