Advantages of morning sex.

When the last time you had sex this morning? But you do have sex in the morning? Well, at least thought about to have sex in the morning? And the benefits of morning sex you know?

Subject sex inexhaustible. Not only did the nuances in it – weight. So once everyone has an opinion on this matter. We start with the statistics.

Statistics are not happy
Surveys on sexual topics held over the past half a century, a variety of organizations. And on the basis of statistics can identify two trends.

1. Alas, alas …

For most people, coffee / tea, a glass of fresh juice, shower and even a few minutes of sweet sleep is much more attractive than early morning sex!

If we analyze the statistics by gender, it suggests that men are more likely to prefer morning sex than women.

If you do a similar analysis of countries, the results look like this. In England, from 1% to 5% of people use for morning sex. In France and Germany, from 3% to 7% amateur sex in the morning. The highest rate of sex selection immediately after waking up in Italy and Spain (from 5% to 9%). But higher than the 10% return no results, no country.

2. But …

It should be noted that
the results of statistics from the surveys, our aim is not to learn about the real having sex in the morning, but about the desire to do the morning sex, higher. This – information from the perspective of the discharge. On average, the percentage who thought about it, varies in men from 8% to 20% in women from 5% to 16%.

Sexologists recommend
Sexology rightly believe that the choice of time of day for sex is strongly tied to traditional notions about it. Most of the people first, conservative second, inert, and third, followed by habits. But, in fact, this should not happen. Sex and the habit, sex, and inertia, conservatism and sex – is incompatible concepts. Sex can not be planned, to foresee, to make everyday. Sex can and should happen suddenly, when there is sexual desire with their partners.

Here, too, for sure, someone will hasten to argue, “So that’s the thing that morning, no sexual desire does not arise. Not before!” But people can control their desires! Especially when he knows why.

Sexologists say that the main criterion for choosing the time for sex should be a coincidence biorhythms. Morning sex suit “larks”, whereas “owls” still prefer evening sex. It is very important that the discrepancy was not jet lag disharmonious factors.

But it is possible to agree to that “lark” and “owl” does joint sex contraindicated. So forget about the birds, to bother about it we will not. The more that human bio-rhythms with age, with the season and even the weather can change. And to make a hasty choice “for” or “against” morning sex is not worth it.

Objection “”
- Actually, what can be objections “against”?
- Limited time.
- And who says that sex should only be long? Let the morning sex to be rapid. But this limited time can add a sexual passion.
- Another “no.” In the morning you want to sleep.
- It will be easier to wake up, if you know what a pleasure awaits you. Yes, and awakening with pleasure, it’s better than waking through force.
- A woman can find another argument “against”! On the morning of so much trouble

and concerns. Togo feed, of the wire, do not forget about yourself.
- This, of course, aggravating circumstances. But after a cool sex, these worries and troubles may no longer be a burden. And with more energy in a shorter period is all they can be solved.

11 benefits of morning sex
Still in the early morning sex so many benefits that are increasingly optimistic appeals can be heard and experts, sexologists, and psychologists, and themselves fans of morning sex, “Those who want to stay young, stay long beautiful and healthy, to have sex in the morning! “

The following are the benefits of morning sex, of course, should not be taken as a categorical arguments “for”, but think they are not harmful.

1. Morning sex is extremely useful. They can be (and this is quite serious!) Completely replace the morning exercises. During sex involving all muscle groups of the human body. Sexual gymnastics is easy to learn because it does not require additional learning the – that’s what everyone knows. And allows you to keep harmony is no worse than any specially designed program.

2. Morning sex – it’s a great massage to all internal organs and exercise for all body systems. Circulation improves breath activated, which is a good start to the day for blood vessels and respiratory system. This reduces by half the risk of heart disease and helps to normalize blood pressure. Studies have shown that it is morning sex helps combat migraines.

3. Women who prefer the morning classes in sex, less likely to suffer from depression, and men choosing sex in the morning, less prone to stress.

4. Hormone plus. Testosterone in the blood of men reaches its maximum concentration from 7-00 to 8-00 in the morning.

5. Biorhythms of sexual desire in men and women are the same, 2 times a day – at 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. In these hours of male and female sexuality, the curves reach a maximum at the same time. This is the best time for sexual intercourse, as the organisms of both partners is literally “write” energy.

6. In the morning a man full of vigor and energy, so the sex can get more rich and varied than in the evening.

7. Morning sex makes energize for the day. Endorphins are produced something!

8. After a morning sex people during the day are calmer and more concentrated than their counterparts.

9. Morning sex great mood and leaves for the day positive memories.

10. Morning sex – is the way to a variety of sexual relationships.

11. It is better to climb for the sake of sex than for the sake of having to go to work.

Why are there a long time to talk! Even if it were only one advantage of morning sex, is it not worthwhile to try to experience sexual pleasure early in the morning?

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