Written after listening to "Address In The Stars" by Caitlin & Will, about my ex who chose to have a "public" gf and then have me…….. but never acknowledge that we were dating even though I had him before her….

Stumbled across your picture today,

Tears poured from my eyes,

Dialed your number but you wouldn’t, maybe couldn’t, answer.

I just wanted, needed to hear your beautiful voice.

So much to tell you every day,

If only things hadn’t ended the way they did…

If only you were here or I was there…

I scream in the night with agony and confusion.

Everyone keeps telling me to move on, to forget you.

But how can I forget my first love,

The first who held me?

Cry as I may, these tears won’t wash your memory away,

Those memories of us, of first love…

But those same tears won’t wash away the memories of seeing the two of you in the halls,

Of the fact that you used us,

The fact that you were ashamed of what we had…

Maybe all I remember,

All that still pains me,

Ain’t nothing but a lie…

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