A family reunion on Heaven and Earth.

She lived her life
Sister, mother, granny, and wife
Doing good deeds all the way around
Even when it meant catching the bus across town

Her flaws she never hid
She spoke the truth, even if it was words off the top of her head
For so long we were so close
Yet so far away
In different cities but all in one county

Until that day
You brought us all together again
All the family and the missing friends
You did your good deeds with no expectations to the end

Now you are in heaven
With your mother our grandmother
And your Grandmother our Great grandmother
Along with many more
I am sure it’s a family reunion there
Just like the one you have created here on earth

We can only thank you and God
It’s because of you both we are all together again
Laughing, talking and watching all our children play
Reliving the past and rejoicing this day

As we laugh and the tears fall and on God’s name we call
We envision your beautiful smiling face
This day is because of you and God’s glorious grace!

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