I don‘t see the reason why there‘s so much drama,
in the neighborhood what’s good how do you feel.
All these bitches coming around running there mouth,
thinking they bad isn‘t it sad.

They naive thinking that they man want when really they trying to get rid of them.
Isn‘t it sad for all these brats to have my name in they mouth
when really they need to just stick that pop back in they mouth

Keep it real with me this brat all over me thinking they real come on shorty what’s the deal with you and me and all this crap you causing me just deal and keep my motherfucker name out ya mouth because when it comes down to it ain‘t but all of you brats

Keep my name out ya mouth and keep the drama down we too old for this all this immature stuff
You ain‘t gangsta you just what ballin‘ like the basketball that is.

I‘ll take to the hoop and school on how it is you ain‘t nothing keep it real with me yo fake  friends they ain‘t down like.
So remember when you ain‘t got nothing in ya life that all you brats got a problem tonight.

You coming at me thinking you can get down with this you wrong because ain‘t nothing brat.

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