You keep on loving and hoping that someday you’ll be loved by the person you love.

Am I stupid to fall in loveto a person who is not like a dove how stupid of me to feel this thing to a person who is not a perfect being.

How stupid of me to think of him alwaysand a one week straight dream….and in that dream I saw him with meoh! How I wish that this would be

for all I know that he doesn’t love methey say that nothing is impossible that all my love would be ablebut wait..oh please wait….

all I want to do is to forget himand get rid out of this feelingbut I don’t know how….so I ask my self am I really stupid.

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  • Bertie on Apr 19, 2008

    I can so relate to your words for I ask myself that same question for the same reason every day

  • miki on Apr 21, 2008

    i love your poem…its simple yet its reality base…everyone of us experience this thing which we called stupidity of love…

  • jun on Apr 22, 2008

    each of us ask thesame question “are we stupid if we feel in love?” with the words of your poem it clearly shows a great impact to me..yes if we feel in love were stupid…i fully agree with it…i like your work!!!

  • neg on Apr 11, 2011

    nice poem

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