A Poem/Lyric.

Theres an old man downstairs dying

Fading like the sun

Outside there’s babies crying

Songs that must be sung

Old clock it keeps on ticking

Until time it-selfs undone

When the angel rests its weary head

There’s no more bullets in the gun

Like a headline on your face

We know the time has come

All the burdens must be lifted

All battles can’t be won

By any mortal man 

Thats basked under the sun

Or any creature thats flown on air

Or any fish thats ever swum

Sorry there’s no answers

For anyone to seek

The world they say it goes 

From the mighty to the meek

So believe in shiny diamonds

That can be sifted from the creek

Then polished and made substantial

Simply strong instead of weak.

Somewhere the rain must go- the way a river finds the sea

Heartbeats are like seasons- may they forever rest in peace.

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