It is wonderful to remember Christmas week as it was in the days of my youth. And perhaps, just maybe, there are still a few folks out there who continue to carry on the wonderful traditions of yesteryear.

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Whisk into winter we’ve readied the sleigh,
It’s all loaded down with good cheer for a day.
We’ve donned woolly mittens, earmuffs and scarves,
To greet falling snowflakes and the cold arctic blasts.

All covered in lap robes to help keep us warm,
We’ll glide through the forest past village and farm.
And all that we’ll hear is the clip clop on snow
And the jingling of sleigh bells, as we merrily go.

Some songs will be sung that we sing every year–
Of winter and sleigh rides, of Christmas good cheer.
At home there is kindling: the cordwood’s all stacked–
Piled high in the woodshed, not far out in the back.

Thanksgiving has ended: that feast fit for kings–
Now it’s on to deep winter and all that it brings.
With sledding out yonder on Hollow Tree Hill,
And ice skating down on the pond near Stone Mill.

Huge bonfire’s, wieners and marshmallows too–
Red cheeks will be tingling, our lips cold and blue.
Then home for hot cocoa before welcome bed,
Transfixed by the fire, warm thoughts in our heads.

Tomorrow will bring Christmas Eve to our door,
Where friends will all gather: some rich and some poor.
We’ll sip steamy cider, bathe in Christmas glow
And remember the Infant, born long years ago.

Then on Christmas morning we’ll swap gifts of love,
In honor of Jesus and His Father above.
We’ll sit by the fire, Christmas tree all aglow,
Amid boxes and paper and ribbons and bows.

With outbursts of laughter, good tidings and love;
Our time will be happy, as if sent from above.
The day will be magic: filled with joy and good cheer–
Leftover memories for the frigid New Year.

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