By the power of the risen Christ, we today who were blind can now see. Christ rose with the keys of sin and death. He won victory over the enemy, gave us liberty and made us victors. Hallelujah, blessed by the Lord for his great love. Celebrating the risen Christ and His victory over satan for us.

The precious Lamb of God

The son of the most high God

Who was crucified on the cross of Calvary

He has risen and lives forever

He has risen in victory

Victory over sin and death

The gates of hell could not hold him captive

Even in the grave

Christ reigned as king

He resurrected as king

Indeed He is Lord

He was crucified

He died

And He rose

Death could not hold him

He resurrected on the third day

He brought victory to the world

My Lord rose in victory

Victory over death, sin

And all strongholds of the enemy

Hallelujah, blessed be the Lord

Christ almighty

Who has won victory for us

That today we who were blind

By His resurrection we can now see

Making us happy all again

Christ is raised

He rose in victory   

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