A poem I wrote for my son who wont be home this Easter,another holiday without him.

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Yet another holiday is on its way,

and your still in that land not able to play.

I sent you a package in hopes it will cheer,

off to Kuwait for you that is clear.

Filled with small things with hopes a smile they will bring,

balsams planes, bubbles and chocolate bunnies and more little things.

I miss you my angel and so do the rest,

be safe for us all while your out on your quest.

Tomorrow as always in my heart you will be,

wishing and hoping home soon you will see.

The Easter eggs and baskets all have been packed,

for the rest of the babies and that is a fact.

While still far away in that foreign land,

next year hopefully together we will plan.

The family have all sent their love out to you,

with promises next Easter home you will be that is true.

I will end this for now with all my love to you,

Be safe for us baby along with the rest of your crew!


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  • Westbrook on Apr 11, 2009

    Your son would have to appreciate this. It can be lonely on holidays when away in a war.

  • kate smedley on Apr 11, 2009

    I feel for you Linda, I hope he\’s safe and well and is home with you soon.

  • nutuba on Apr 11, 2009

    What a sweet poem to your son! This is wonderful stuff.

  • Ruby Hawk on Apr 11, 2009

    Happy Easter to you and your son. I hope he will be with you next year.

  • Joshua Miguel on Apr 11, 2009

    your son is very lucky to have you. : )

  • debbie esten on Apr 11, 2009

    Your son will love this~~~

  • John McDonnell on Apr 11, 2009

    So heartfelt, Linda. . . I know it must be hard for you that he’s not home, but our prayers are with you and him. What a wonderful expression of a mother’s love this is.

  • Casey Kelley on Apr 11, 2009

    Very sweet Linda, I know where you are coming from. He is in my prayers =).

  • papaleng on Apr 12, 2009

    what a very sweet poem from a dear mother. Indeed he’s a lucky son.

  • Glynis Smy on Apr 12, 2009

    Beautiful sentiments, your sadness shows.

  • Luffy12 on Apr 12, 2009

    wheres your son?

  • DA Cournean on Apr 12, 2009

    God bless you and your family.

  • Svr on Apr 12, 2009

    This so sad, but beautiful. Endless Blessings to you and your family.

  • Christine Ramsay on Apr 12, 2009

    That was so lovely, Linda. I am sure you son is missing you all. Happy Easter.


  • Darlene McFarlane on Apr 12, 2009

    Such beautiful sentiments. It has to be hard for the family. I hope he is home next year.

    Lovely poem and I know your son would appreciate it.

  • peter on Apr 12, 2009

    tell your son he is in our prayers.

  • C A Johnson on Apr 12, 2009

    What a beautiful poem, Linda. I think your son would love it. I continue to pray for your son to make it home safely.

  • Inna Tysoe on Apr 12, 2009

    That was lovely. A happy Easter to you and yours.


  • Juancav on Apr 12, 2009

    Beautiful longing poem.

  • rutherfranc on Apr 13, 2009

    I can really relate to this piece.. thanks for sharing.

  • Kimberly Moore on Apr 13, 2009

    Wonderful and loving poem!

  • M J katz on Apr 13, 2009

    Such a heartfelf poem of love! It would be such a wonderful thing if all our servicemen and women could finally come home…and stay! :)

  • JD GREEN on Apr 13, 2009

    I loved it Linda, Great stuff…god bless…best wishes for your son to return safely….
    Much love and respect

  • jo oliver on Apr 13, 2009

    Soon Linda ….soon.

  • RON on Apr 14, 2009

    Well done best wishers for his he will be home soon

  • CutestPrincess on Apr 15, 2009

    that was so sweet, you can brighten up his day with this wonderful poem…

  • Winter on Jul 28, 2009

    i miss him as well! come back safely

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