An original poem derived from my own sense of feminisim. This poem is dedicated to confronting cultural norms which make young men believe that they are entitled to objectify and sensualize every woman that they find attractive.

                                Numbess consumes what once skipped a beat
           Moves become calculated rather than at ease
                                               Blood ran cold
              A soul unpurged ran empty with vanity
                                Emotions wrapped up and tied with a bow
           Conceal and disguise. No weakness must show
                                                Walls like Fort Knox are built to suffer a blow…

Tell the guards to take arm at the bridge!
Men there have gathered thirsting for hips!
Fire at will upon the signal I give!

Archers! Light your flame and cock your bow!
Aim with a swiftness no man has known!
Take head to your partners in the front row
…make sure all those minds are tucked down real low.

We Suffer for those.
We Riot for those.
We Stand in the Ready like no man can own.

We live to Create, to Divine our truth.
Death to the ill hearted and Empty Pursuit.
Reclaim your Roots.
Stand Tall, Bear Sweet Fruit.
Whoa to the Woman who Stands Behind You.

Cast a shadow to your elbow, set those arrows loose!
Let the cum thirsty bastards shake in their boots!
Let no man enter this place be he untrue -
SaveThe Home for those Souls who Stand at the Ready for you!

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