Wanting to discover love again after losing a great love.

I want to warn any man willing to jump into my life
The one before you never left any strife, out side of laying standards I require
He was it for me, and doing his job robbed me of he
Otherwise we would have established a family
He was a Trooper, apprehending many
And a Fire Fighter always the first to run in no matter what the alarm
Saving those in need from an unfathomable harm
Quite simply he was a hero to many, even me, but absolutely never self professed
His culinary flair always filled the air with sweet & spicy aromas ever adored
Never leaving roam for doubt or failure, his distinguished manor only subsided by a dry sense of humor.
I still love him with every cell
He even wrote me a note before his last bell
Providing instructions to be happy and move on
Yet, never escaping our bond
So I have his permission, and I am certainly willing
Yes I am single and available, if you find your self applicable
But fair warning I will require a lot from you
You will need the same level of dignity and integrity as he
For the one before you, set the bar
I choose at this point, you see to have nothing to loose
Because I had it all, and was so blessed to be his alone
Can you measure up against his ghost, unlike most?
Can you inspire me, instead of flee?
I want to make some one as happy as he, and love again unconditionally
But I need some one to let me be me
So if you can take my arm and travel along
I know I can be free with some one loving me as he

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