This is a blues-rock song lyric I wrote c.1979.

Black-and-white –
Second-hand –
B-grade life,
Nothing in the world
Ever turns out right.

Black-and-white living
No colour within,
Second-hand promises
Don’t mean a thing;
B-grade life
And you just can’t win,
B-grade life
And you just can’t win.

Black-and-white pollies
Who speak only lies,
Second-hand policies
Both parties have tried;
B-grade politics
And democracy dies,
B-grade politics
And democracy dies.

Black-and-white people
Separated by hate,
Second-hand equality
Invisible to date;
B-grade lies say
Only white people rate,
In this “lucky country”
Only white people rate.

Black-and-white money
The rich live high on the hog,
Second rate welfare
The poor live like dogs;
B-grade industry
Treats its workers like cogs,
In Little Johnny’s regime
The workers are cogs.

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts, Melbourne, Australia

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