I like this. It screams, "Crazy". I enjoy crazy. I hope you do too.

make me come alive

I drank one gallon of glow in the dark bubbles.I put my fingers down my throat and puked them back up.Everything glows now.Every time I spit, hock or drool stars come of it.I like sitting down by the river in Jeff, way past three in the morning.I’ll sit and spit at the sky, creating stars everywhere.Somehow all the city lights go off.And I just spit stars everywhere.The glowing is soothing.It’s like everything is radio active, neon and fuzzy.James is there some times but not usually because Cindy would flip out if he walked over there.She flipped when I was walking home from that area.I actually like walking around there.I was just flipped out and I’m thankful she came and picked me up.I wish everyone could see what I see.I wish everyone wasn’t blind to my eyes.I want everyone to see what I see.

But that’s okay.The geese and ducks are always down there.Some times I squawk and scream and chase the damn birds.They bite me some times but that’s okay. It helps take the edge off of my itching and burning wrists.The bird shit and debris have disappeared. I’m glad about that. It’s been sort of depressing going down there to see all the mess from the water being high.There is no mess now though. 

The water is so pretty. It glistens and gleams. It’s like a welcoming smile. Too bad the water isn’t really clean enough to swim in.I’d dive straight in if I could. I’d swim either up stream or down stream. Whichever dumps me out into a larger body of water quicker.The water clicks, clacks and licks the rocks. The rocks looks so sharp and welcoming. But I’ll just sit for now. Sit and scratch my wrists. They itch something fierce.It’s crazy.

Some times when I blink too fast I see blood everywhere. Other times when I blink far too slow…everything is blue. Like a deep ocean blue.But if I don’t blink at all…there is a vast white light that makes my eyes bleed. My cheek bones cave in and my jaw unhinges itself.It’s quite a show. But it’s never really happening. It’s all just in my head. It always is. The water is becoming more violent down here. It’s now crashing and clawing at the rocks. The rocks look icy and sleek. Still ever so welcoming. But still…I’d rather sit here and itch.

Liked it
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