A poem about what I felt after my last heartbreak.

He that is the Cursed Immortal,

He that is the Iron Hand,

He the Plague that blights this land,

He that is the Great Destroyer,

He that is the Lord Of Death,

He that crumbled kingdoms with a single breath,

He that is the Shadow Walker,

He that is the Commander Of The Dead,

He whose soul’s hunger cannot be fed,

He that is the Heir to Hell,

He that is the Keeper Of The Black Gate,

He that slays at an uncountable rate,

He that is the Dark Enforcer,

He that is Unbridled rage,

He that lives but does not age,

He that is Cloaked In Shadows,

He that has caressed the flames,

Be warned for these are the Black Rider’s names.

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