A poem I wrote on the deception we all get from political figures to vote for them at election time to become president and how we fall for it all because of their looks, charm, and sweet-talk of empty promises, rather than choosing someone who can do the job.

In the world, there are lots of people, who lie,
lots of backstabbers, fakes, traitors, and scum
but none of them can compare to this one
who wears an expensive suit and tie,
has broad shoulders,
perfect smile,
perfect hair,
beautiful face,
great intellect,
commands a superior line of syntax,
whose words can move millions,
whose status bears great weight
and he is the President of the United States
During election, he spends billions of dollars,
to make his points clear,
promises us everything we want to hear,
makes speeches that bring us hope, through the hour,
but once he is in office,
everything turns sour
Everything he promised us,
most of it didn’t happen,
Out of the other less attractive guys, we chose him,
because he was the most gorgeous,
Out of the other old geezers, we chose him,
because he was the youngest
he was handsome, intelligent, and charming,
he sweet-talked us, when he spoke, we believed anything
making promises he couldn’t keep,
we fell for his lies,
we thought he would be different,
but no, he was all the same as the others
we got screwed over,
in the economy, paying high gas prices,
foreclosures in the housing market,
job security compromised, layoffs everywhere,
and bad healthcare,
when our need for a leader was dire,
all because we fell,
for that beautiful liar

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