A beautiful prayer for new born babies in the form of a poem. Excellent for unborn babies too.

Praying can actually be more fun when said in the form of a poem. You can add a nice touch to this poem for babies by placing it on a hand designed card and sending to someone who is pregnant or send as a congratulations card to the parents of a new born baby.

God bless this perfect little one,

Keep him safe and sound.

Bless his tiny hands and feet,

so he may conquer and defeat.

Brighten up his spiritual eyes,

so that he may undoubtedly become wise.

Bless his cute little mouth,

So your name he can shout.

But most of all bless his little mind,

to stay heavenly divine.

Oh! And don’t forget to bless his parents too

For the big job they got to do.

Liked it
  • mannoy on Oct 14, 2010

    I like it. very nice. especialy the last part for parents.

  • spunkyduckling on Jun 10, 2012

    Yes the last part comes as a surprise right? LOL Thank you so much for sharing

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