Bueaty of th skin, and her body.

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Oh African woman looking splendid

When it comes to beauty you do not need

 Because it’s an inbuilt thing

As beautiful as the most finest sing

With a dark shining skin

That when you see you feel tempted to sin

With a soft succulent lips

And a fine sexy hips

With lips shining like the stars

With a captivating body that makes her walk like a star

Oh woman the eye of the world

Go tell everybody I said this word

 That African woman is as cherished as gold

 She is easily identified when they sit cos her beauty is so bold

With two beautiful legs like American and Britain to other countries

When she smile you would only be thinking of exchanging pleasantries

And the smell of her hair is like that of the lily

Which is very black, shines, long and it clusters like an arum lily

With clean white set of teeth

When it comes to competition you can’t beat

With two bright eyes like cat’s eye

What makes an African woman so high?

If not for beauty that precedes her

If you were held by her you ld think you were in a jar



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