The roar from the sky

 In our heart it sounded like a rhythm to our souls

Sometimes I asked who made the beats.

We played in the wind, we prayed the rain falls

Prayed it keeps my father away

Mother we can always handle.

 We want to dance and play.

Being a child!!!

Our prayers were answered when it rains.

I remember, years back myself and other kids from the neighborhood

We would jump and dance in a rhythmic mood

Naked in the rain as though we were passing through spiritual cleansing

Our disobedience to our elders are being washed off

This I know you don’t know

 Being a child!!!

The sound from the sky comes along with great lightning

Then we will tell ourselves

“Let’s pose; the creator wants to snap us”

To be frank I wished we were snapped

 I will have the best pose.

Being a child!!!


The lightning when preceded by thunder

Mother will tell us not to hold anything metal

 This message we will deliberate among ourselves.

 We called it heavenly electric shock.

 Being a child!!!

The wind, rain, lightning and thunder

They became one thing that I looked forward to when I was tender.

We were later taught they all make up what is called storm

Who cared, we just want to run in the wind

Dance, play and jump in the rain

 Pose to be snapped by God in the lightning

Shout at the sound of thunder.

As an adult I still cherish those loving moment

I now call it storm.

Liked it
  • vikineli on Aug 17, 2012

    I like this

  • Shelly on Aug 17, 2012

    very cute and fun to read

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