A bio poem about the american teenage boy, Ponyboy Curtis from the novel The ouTsiders.

Caught Up In the Hood

By I. Bailetti


Intelligent, deep, insightful and innocent

He rolls with his fellow Curtis bros. Sodapop and Darry,

He loves Johnny, books and weeds.

He feels scared at times, targeted at others and occasionally heated,

He needs affection, his brothers and an escape.

He gives insight, engagement, and thought

He fears Socs, the fuzz and from time to time; Darry.

He’d like to see his parents, a world without gang wars and some food,

He lives in the hood surrounded by his greased up boys,


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  • 5458525 on Apr 10, 2010


  • sxcbekantan on Nov 11, 2010


  • Hannah Shaye Uy on Jan 3, 2011

    WOW this poem is amazing…I love this poem because I had wrote this type and style of poem about me in my English class…KEEP ROCKING ;)

  • gabby on Feb 21, 2013

    love this poem gonna use it for school

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