About a broken woman, from the eyes of trapped savior.

A witness through the iron bars
To see a shackled angel
Beaten and battered
Scarred and abandoned
Where once was fire in her eyes
Blown dark by a societies decadence
As I stand witness
To watch this plummet out of the light
She whimpered dreams filled with discontent
Shared stories of sinister suitors
Told tales of trusting trysts
Broken down through shameless lusts
Through every day she suffered
Solemnly, soulless, shamed, and scared
Through every day she suffered
Alone against the stone
It wasn’t until the light had fell
Once the moon and it’s lying glow reigned
That the cell would fill
Full of self-proclaimed saints and soldiers
Coming to vanquish the anguish
To purge the prisoner of her pain
But only through the night
Once the sun regained its throne
And the coming was done by all who came
All those saints and soldiers
Would disavow their sanctity, their will to fight
Leaving her chained to assure they could
Come again each night.
I began each day with a prayer for her
For god to come and set her free
To show her love that would last past the night
I ended each day filled with fear
As I watched and I died
While her wings turned black and her halo burned
My black angel
Beaten and bruised, battered and broken
Nothing mortal could ever hurt her
But the lack of love will kill her.

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