Black cats are so misunderstood. Scary witch cats, bad luck, we are really not that way at all! We are cute, soft, friendly and loveable. Take one minute and listen to our story and you’ll be a believer.


I am a black cat and I’m quite hard to see

I’m watching you pass from up here in a tree.


I may be a bit shy but I like to be petted

Give me a nice bed and I’m always indebted.


Source                                                   Source

I can hide behind red, I can hide behind green


Source                                                                                Source

And if I close my eyes, I can’t even be seen.


I walk through the house in the quiet of night

But when I am hunting, I’m all about sight.


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  • kittenkyd on Feb 5, 2010

    I love black cats. I don’t see the logic of the superstition that says black cats are bad luck.

  • diamondpoet on Feb 8, 2010

    Very clever I really like it.

  • Francois Hagnere on Mar 6, 2010

    What a beautiful poem and really superb pictures. I love all the cats, they are all so nice. These are Black Burmese, I think, they are so sweet. It’s only superstition and fanaticism about black cats.
    Thank you very much for this great post.
    Best wishes.

  • klayman on Jul 15, 2010

    I usually don’t like poems, but this is a really good one (and a funny one too!), I love black cats and I hate it when people get superstitions & say black cats bring bad luck. I also like the pictures you posted. but isn’t the past form of pet…pet?
    Great poem/story!

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