When the sabbith becomes the funeral.

Swallow my soul and devour my mind,
Hold me by this earthly bind,
My mind is dancing with thoughts of pain,
If my life has no point….what’s there to gain?
Stand on the edge, but please don’t jump,
If inspiration was a tree….I’d be down to the stump,
Look into my eyes, what do you see?
If suicide was a lock, my eyes are the key,
I will rise to the top, in a matter of time,
With no words at all, just like a mime,
I will survive, I will live,
Inside….I have plenty to give,
Beat me down, put me to shame,
My heart is like a lion, unable to tame,
I’ll rip out your heart, and feed it through your throat,
If murder was an option, you’d have my vote,
I’ll jump rope your intestines and swing you around,
This puppy has become a stray, I’m off to the pound,
Lost in thoughts and unspoken words,
I’m heading down south, just like the birds,
Bleeding for love, Screaming for my soul,
Like a used up needle, pointless and dull,
The end is near, We’re all gunna die!
This could be our last goodbye,
As I look into the sky, I see myself falling,
At the same time, I hear life….as it’s calling,
The world is spinning, the clocks are ticking so fast,
What happens now….will soon be in the past,
My heart is beating, my eyes are full of tears,
Failure comes to mind, when I look in the mirrors,
I know that no matter what, I will end up on top,
My potential is like a bubble, just waiting to pop,
I dont need rest, I can do that when I’m dead,
For wherever I crash, will be my bed,
My last words to you?….Forever inlove,
Maybe we’ll meet up one day, In that grand place above,

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