Bridle: Anything that controls or restrains.

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Lord, Please Bridle my tongue

Even when I wont to sing an unworthy song

Lord , Bridle my tongue
Teach me to say things that are honest and true

Bridle my mind
So , I may only think on things that are pleasant and kind

Bridle my heart
so , I can love those that spitefully hate me

I want to be right with my father and free

I want to walk in FULL Destiny

So, therefore Lord

Bridle, my walk

Bridle , my lifestyle

Bridle, my going in and going out

Bridle, my enemies

Bridle, my emotions

Have mercy on me Lord

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  • Kinkyvinyl on Apr 9, 2009

    This is a good poem. I sometimes wish someone would bridle my tongue, it gets me into allsorts of trouble hehe ;o)

  • Sabriena Williams- Author of this Poem on May 5, 2009

    The tongue is a powerful tool. We have to be careful what we allow to come out our mouth is uplifting the spirit of others instead of causing strife.

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