When you left me you don’t have any reason to ..
Baby Don’t Expect me to forgive you with an Excuse … .

I was so broken
i was so in love

When this was not a crime
when all this was just a dream

You broke it
You wont know it

How i Feel now 
How i Live now
How Will i Move on

You Dont really care
You dont really give a Damn

Why did you call me baby
why did you hold me like a bird 
why did you lied me 

when this all was so much mean to me
why did you hurt me 

I was so crazy about you
I was so insane 

I cant tell you by words
I cant tell you by anything

baby , Honey , Sweet heart , sugar , love
I was so happy

Fuck , shit , slut , bitch , Smelly bitch
I was so sad

you did this just sake of your happiness
you did this just make your time happy

yes you played
yes you lied
yes you’ve hurted me 
yes baby I’m Still so broken

baby baby still your the one i love
love love , still your the one i miss
honey honey , still your the one who meet me in my dreams

But baby , i Dont want you back
But Baby , I cant forgive you
But baby , I dont have a heart to give you anymore

I’m Sick of your Excuses 
I’m Totally fed up
I Cant take this anymore

Sorry baby, Sorry honey 

With love 

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