Since I have become fascinated with alternative medicine I have found that more and more wild flowers and plants considered to be weeds are actually a cornucopia of health benefits. For months now I have been trying to get a picture of a particular flower I was told was feverfew but now I find it isn’t. I finally succeeded in getting a clear picture though after laying in the grass today. Do you know what this is?

Oh, you little mystery flower,

Can you tell me who you are?

I’ve been trying to take your picture

But had failed thus far.

You see a lady sold you to me.

She called you feverfew.

And her asking price

Was just a buck or two

I love to research herbals

Their benefits are many

And using natural remedies

Can save a pretty penny

But, pretty little flower,

I’m afraid she made an error

I looked up feverfew

Your picture wasn’t there

So now that I know feverfew

I’ll finish my research

But want to know your name too!

Please don’t leave me in the lurch!

by Judy Sheldon

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  • Christine Ramsay on Jul 25, 2010

    I loved the poem, Judy. The flower looks a bit like our Osteo Spernum but the leaves are different, so I don’t think I can help you.


  • PARAM on Jul 25, 2010

    Great poem…thanks for share.

  • Guy Hogan on Jul 25, 2010

    Yes, many plants have great health benefits for us. This poem recognizes this. No, I don’t know the name of this flower.

  • CHAN LEE PENG on Jul 25, 2010

    I love your poem too, sis. The flowers are beautiful. liked it.

  • Judy Sheldon on Jul 25, 2010

    Thanks, guys, for the comments and thoughts. I am hoping with all my wise and wonderful friends at Triond I will be able to name the flower. :-)

    Have a blessed day!

  • papaleng on Jul 25, 2010

    such a lovely poem.

  • Anuradha Ramkumar on Jul 25, 2010

    Yes…so many flowers with so many herbal properties. Nice share.

  • Angelgirlpj on Jul 25, 2010

    I loved the poem and wish I was wise enough to know the flower. It looks so very similar to a daisy.

  • giftarist on Jul 25, 2010

    Very nice piece. Greatly done. :)

  • Goodselfme on Jul 25, 2010

    You have penned a beautiful poem with a lovely title too. Thank you.

  • Judy Sheldon on Jul 25, 2010

    Papaleng, Anuradha, Pam, Giftarist, Roberta, I still think you are wise and wonderful :-) Someone will know the name. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Milton H Peebles III on Jul 25, 2010

    Take Care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milty

  • alxymy on Jul 25, 2010

    I knew it was fever few im sometimes smart for a male, I do love herbal research.

  • alxymy on Jul 25, 2010

    PS i hope i am not wrong

  • alxymy on Jul 25, 2010

    i still say its feverfew it looks exactly like th epicture in my book unless there is slight difference.

  • maranatha on Jul 26, 2010

    Judy, this looks a lot like a flower called philadelphia fleabane, in the sunflower family. I found a site that gives a pretty good picture of it, maybe you can cut and paste, and compare. philadelphicus&searchin=sname&itype=fruit/seed’,'flower’,'leaf’,'bud’,'tech

    I liked your poem very much! Who sold you the “feverfew”, I wonder? Could be dangerous if you try to use the wrong herb.

  • Judy Sheldon on Jul 26, 2010

    Milty, Brian and Maranatha, thanks so much for your support. Maranatha, your site was my solution. It is an ox-eyed daisy and is in the same family as feverfew.

    The herbals were sold at a thrift store that sells items to help support a christian school. I always verify a herb before using it. :-)

  • quiet voice on Jul 27, 2010

    …Hi there Jude,
    I have no idea what the flower is. But this is a great poem and what a really good picture you took. Hope someone has the answer. Thanks. Take care.

  • Judy Sheldon on Jul 28, 2010

    Quiet Voice, Marantha solved the mystery. I wish I had a prize for her. :-) Thanks for the comment and God bless!

  • CA Johnson on Jul 28, 2010

    This flower is nice. I also don’t know the name of the flower, but it is beautiful.

  • Judy Sheldon on Jul 28, 2010

    Maranatha, solved the mystery. It is Philadelphia fleabane. Thanks for your support.

  • mirapawar on Aug 6, 2010

    Nice poem!! Keep up the good work.

  • Judy Sheldon on Aug 6, 2010

    Mirapawar, thanks for support.

  • akira14 on Aug 23, 2010

    You said that it is Philadelphia fleabane, but it is still unfamiliar to me, but it is quite similar to daisy, however the petals are thinner.

  • Joseph Scott on Sep 6, 2010

    Lovely poem! Good job.

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