A song I wrote about the past and how everything does not last.

This is a song about how everything will eventually pass on into the ever after.  Nothing in this world is permanent.  Everything will pass on to the great beyond.  That is the beauty of it all.  Even youth which is nearly synonomous with beauty is fleeting.  The natural world.  The earth’s youth.  Even the earth and the universe are aging along with us and one day the universe may collapse upon itself and reignite a new big bang and a new universe along with it.

Castles of Sand

I want to fly into the past

I dream of things that will not last

Like ice sculptures and castles of sand

Like snow in winter and summer’s tan

Come run with me and take my hand

Together we’ll be. Together we’ll stand.

A people of one and no boundaries.

Like the air above the stormy seas.

And leaves that blow within the breeze

The wind that rustles the branches of trees.

Forever throughout eternity.

Liked it
  • Daisy Peasblossom on Mar 22, 2010

    Oh, very nice! I love the how the imagery flows from transient things to more permanent, from earth to sky.

  • Darla Beck on Mar 23, 2010

    Very lovely song!

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