This is a poem about being startled in the middle of the night by a pet that wants to keep you company.

As I lie half-asleep in the middle of the night 

I hear something that gives me a fright 

Now I am awake, my eyes wide open 

I see a shadow that is moving towards me 

At first I panic, yet I already know 

What is it that is moving so slow 

It is my favorite furry cat 

That came over for a synchronized nap 

She came to keep me company on this lonely night 

And to keep me warm while cuddling up 

She lies down close to me 

And spreads herself out as far as I can see 

I immediately can feel her warmth spread over me 

I can even hear her breathe 

She purrs throughout the night 

Keeping me asleep under her magical lullaby 

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