Secrets of treatment of teeth.

If you have got tooth pain but your dentist can not to treat you – don’t panic – my advices help you…

Put 100 grams of minced garlic into 0,5 L of vodka (whisky), insist in a dark place at room temperature for 2 weeks, shaking occasionally, to defend the 2-3 days. When a toothache tincture, mixed 1:1 with warm water, rinse the mouth watering mixture of an aching tooth.

Acute pain can be make not so terrible by putting into the hollow of the tooth  a mixture of garlic, a powdered porridge with honey or vegetable oil.

Put  one tablespoon of herb sage ino  a cup of boiling water. Hereby, 1 hour and rinse your mouth.

When you have a toothache  – you can put a cotton swab soaked onion juicein into hollow of teeth.

For temporary pain relief of your tooth, from which lost a filling – to put a cotton ball soaked in garlic juice, a clove of fresh garlic into a hollow of tooth.

But it’s better to care of your teeth before toothache

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