Emotional ties will hold you down, but the ties that bind you can also secure you.

What if I we’re to die right now, and leave this earth?
Would you still think of me, or of my self worth?
Would you leave my room the way it was, or move it around?
Would you lose hope in what I have now found?
When I die, I want the world to smile,
Because sorrow and pain, is not the right style,
Rejoice that I am gone, and to a better place,
Remove all negativity that falls upon your face,
The world is obtained through how we see it,
I feel this locked up anger, i must begin to free it,
My heart is beating but I feel so dead,
It’s times like these when all I see is red,
I’m so unsure about everything, nothing looks real,
I couldn’t even begin to express to you how I feel,
I look up at my ceiling and wonder if anyone is there,
I don’t got the courage to face a mirror and stare,
Theres smoke in the mirror, it’s all drawn blank,
Make love not war, as your driving the tank,
I have the key to unlock potential, but I lack the motion,
This life is so dry, we need some lotion,
Mechanical injury and fallback skies,
Lets start telling the truth, no more lies,
I feel like a plant that’s been ripped from the ground,
Such dead silence, not even a sound,
I’m now rooted into a pot, sitting by the window in the shop,
I wonder if I could grow strong enough to reach the top,
The clocks spinning backwards, or is it foward today?
Nothings to certain in this month of May,

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