A poem about me doing Chemistry homework at 1am.

It is 1am as you can see,

And I’m stuck doing chemistry homework.

I had intended to make this stanza rhyme but I have


We’re studying about Atoms,

About protons and neutrons,

Electrons too.

Last unit we learned about Isotopes and Ions

Now we’re learning about Electron configuration.

Yeah no, that didn’t rhyme either.

(Let’s try again).

I am doing Chemistry homework at 1am,

I am also trying to make this poem rhyme,

Tomorrow I also have an Algebra 2 exam,

Let’s hope I have enough time.

(Good enough?)

I have written this poem because I was bored,

From doing Chemistry homework I was tired,

I’m learning to play the guitar, today I can play the G Chord,

I’m also trying to get a job so I can get hired.

So I do hope you enjoyed this poem about Chemistry homework,

Please don’t try to drink soup using a fork.

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  • Sail338 on Nov 9, 2010

    Nice Share

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