Finding it harder and harder to celebrate a holiday that has long been celebrated in your family. Does it conflict with your current spiritual beliefs? If so, this poem encourages to expose the Christmas Lies.

Man and his traditions,

seeking who will sign his petitions.

Tis’ the season he gets on board for the Lord,

for a moment, he puts down his sword.

Thinking about what happiness he can bring.

Raise his children up to sing.

It doesn’t matter what’s put in a heart,

he’s already off to a bad start.

For some songs are nothing more than lies,

to get one to reach a bad compromise.


The grand conductor, the dark musician

knows what will keep your attention.

Use the holiday to lure,

taint hearts that once were pure.


So called a giving holiday,

so many take the time to pray,

but really all they do is play.

It’s not even God’s birthday!


Ask the Lord to bless them with wisdom.

 Make their lives like a bold, shiny prism.


Yeah, they say it’s about Jesus–all about Him.

 But with all the stuff, his light grows dim.


If you open your eyes,

 you can see the lies.

 Hands open for a gift,

 beliefs you must sift.

 Talking out of two sides of a mouth,

 acting like a bible-toting believer from the South.

 “Yes sir, no sir. Yes ma’m, no ma’m”–

 it’s all a sham!


Don’t want to study to show thyself approved.

Do you recall the last time you were moved?

Had to go to God and repent,

for all the money that you spent.


Your faith you put on pause,

took breaths like in Lamaze.

Drank much, ate more,

the next morning you awoke sore.

Looked in your account it said, “poor!”


You gave into the insanity to fit in with humanity.

Let unbelievers manipulate,

while you ate everything off their plate.

Use Christ as an excuse,

took his name to justify abuse.

Going left for debt,

was it Jesus that you really met?


 Pretending your right, walking in the light.

 ”To each his own,” you say.

 ”Just pray.”  That’s all you ever say!


Look the other way on a wrong,

drown your ears with a song.

God says, “It’s been so long.

Aren’t you tired of all the lies?

Stop closing your eyes!”


You might be alright,

might even say prayers tonight. 

But question whether you’re deeds are in the light.

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