This poem explains being stuck in one area.

As you grip your knees in the pain the world has caused you,

in that closet of yours not wanting to come out.

Over there, they said they wouldn’t fail you, no matter who you become.

But, him over there left you alone in the failure until you grew better.

But, him over there expects you you to hand it to him because your his friend.

If you don’t give him the chance to explain, your no longer his friend.

you’re just sitting there to catch your breath, all the void that your left with.

Remarks the brain, scars the heart.

As much as you quiver in your socks, you pull your weight and begin to walk

After all these years of memories and smiles are ended with the discomfort of someone’s fame.

Success is struck and no one even remembers your name when you don’t have a dollar to your name.

You hide your fresh look with overcut jeans and a sweater freely.

Shifting with no posture, as people think you live on the street…

You worked yourself to the extent that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

In the imagages that cost you all your dimes.

Even begging for all the breakaways wouldn’t get you a shortcut

They lock you up between the tides.

either its “We own you” or “you’re one of us.”

You must be holding onto your pockets for loose change.

Welcoming the world with opening arms seems dangerous.

He was the one you trusted with your decisions, to help you prosper into a good person.

But, in the end of every dream that you fight for is the person that wants you to be successful if you bring them too.

After closed off from the gates of harmony, the peaceful lights of light shine into your pupil. For that moment, you feel the need to feel sympathy for the abandondments.

 A shadow can decieve you, so can a guardian angel.

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