A poem that talks about the man who had the shining truth, a truth that no one in the vile society would accept and move forward with. Society has looked up to their oppressors, and has decided to follow and work for them, even when they now that they are oppressed.

Shining, great, and compassionate, the pale and hollow man sits in front of the mirror with a revolutionary and powerful truth that can change society forever.

Wonderful being that he is, he has tried to tell the vile society of this universal truth, and that they must move forward with it so that they may obliterate all the former institutions that have degraded their nature,

He tells them about how each person represents a powerful concept that resides on the spectrum of truth.

Therefore, if they were to revolt in unity, they would destroy the oppressors of business and politics in the form of truth.

But these blind pigeons continue to paint the clouds that block the light from the sun of truth, and so, it weeps.

Pale and hollow from lost hope in humanity, our possible hero is cold and dying.

It wears the obligatory mask of happiness on the streets of society, but he is bitter deep inside.

No one needs him anymore.

He is useless to the society he wanted to change.

The golden evolution waits for its ferocious sister, the glorious revolution.

No tyrannies shall form in front of our eyes and burn all chances of a peaceful Utopia based on truth.

We shall overrule the evil that is being bred in the sanctuary of our right, that institution of our constitution.

Rise, children rise!

Live the life you were meant to live, the life that was supported by truth, that was in everlasting peace, and that allowed you to pursue true happiness.

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