The real world, the outside world, call me a coward, shy, maybe I’m just a homebody but needless to say staying inside with a pretty girl would be a dream. Color The Sky… to imagine such is so much simpler than what I truly desire.

We can color the sky, just me and you
Instead of blue, it could be
Some different shade, a different hue
Just for you and me to see
Black, red, orange, green
Ask me how I can deny
I know we can if you believe
Together we can color the sky

Make it ours make it new
Why God and angels, deem it be
When you and me, just us two
Not as crazy as it seems
Blankets over you and me
Another day, another night
Doesn’t have to be a dream
Together we can color the sky

Wouldn’t be me that would say boo
You’re all I want and all I need
Wonder do you feel it too
You and me to just be, we
Seems as easy as A, B, C
The two of us, it would be nice
A moment’s thought, the birds and bees
Together we can color the sky

To ask you this, to beg and plead
Because we’ll have to say goodbye
Take my hand, if you please
Together we can color the sky

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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