"The mind has its own rules of engagement."

 She was standing at the bar playing with a half finished beer,

could see her eyes loosing a battle with a tear.

Something about the way she stood looked familiar to me,

she had spent some time in the military.

So I bought her a beer and offered a hello,

I got a “thank you” that was soft and low.

Said I m not offering any pick lines but I’ll lend one good ear,

if you want , looks like there’s a few empty chairs.

Saw what looked like the beginning of a smile,

she said “well I aint heard that one in awhile.”

Just came back from over there ,

then she disappeared in a mile long stare.

Seems all I wanted was to get back home,

now I just want to be left alone.

My Old Man doesn’t think I’m the woman he once had,

Im  not always ready and often mad.

Really just want to get back with my team,

I felt needed, ……… you know what I mean?

I nodded, that’s what listeners do.

Looks like you adjusted, whats the trick?

I smiled , had often heard been asked this.

No trick , just do what your doing right now.

Find somebody and have a sit down.

Don’t try to hold it all in,

the mind likes to take things and run with it.

I have a few good Brothers that have visited Hell,

I’m not a hero, by a long shot ,I will tell.

We talk, we cry, then have a good cuss,

drink a few beers and wash down what was bothering us.

No magic trick, no secret pill,

just focus on the next day coming over those hills.

She smiled and said thanks for the beer and the chat,

stood, took off the wig and place on her purple heart Veterans hat.

Couple of the Bros gave me nod  as I followed her to the door.

All gave some, some gave more.

Liked it
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