A miserable lover I have become
At one time I was entirely sure, 
And you were the undecided one
But now my heart isn’t as pure

Don’t get me wrong I love you entirely
But I entertain a dark thought inside
You say so, but are you, I guess feeling me
Though, I know there’s a better word that applies 

Do you still treasure each stage as I do? 
Or did they just blend together in your eyes
We have a relationship like a rare few, 
Where it’s like we are bf/gf even if we aren’t inside

To a degree that is an amazing facet
Because not only does it confuse me
But I don’t know if we have the wanted ‘it’
‘It’ being the love shared between we 

Because of the way things are I can’t tell
Before ‘would you marry me? ‘ made you give an elated yes
Now not even a smile with your sure-broken wedding bells
With your love though I am truly blessed 

I can’t tell if you go to each stage based on me, 
If your doing it to please me because of my hang ups 
I don’t want the stage, I want the love entirely  
I don’t want to be on stage 20 but your love doesn’t equal up

Man this is hard…

Liked it
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