Convulsions – what to do.

In convulsions helps hot (as soon as you can tolerate) infusion of herbs crow’s feet: 1 tbsp. l. Pour 1 cup herb boiled water, to insist 1 hour and drink 1 / 3 cup before meals 3 times a day.

Assist natural (from the bark of a tree) cork wine bottles
strung on a thread and tied around the feet or hands in the sick place.

In convulsions of various origins is recommended to drink
acorn-cereal coffee the following composition (in%):

acorns peeled and milled – 30;
barley (pounded wheat) – 20;
rye (pounded wheat) – 10;
oats (pounded wheat) – 10;
chicory root of the wild – 20;
dandelion root – 20.

Keep that coffee should be in glass, well corked container. Drink as usual (with milk and sugar), but better with honey.

Well it helps with cramps (if they are not caused by prolonged walking and tired feet) measured quiet running within 15-30 minutes.

In cramped muscles in the arms and legs to rub the affected area with mustard oil.

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