The wine broke us all down.

One night it was the courage and love found in the booze and the cigarettes

and the help of my work and sweat that finally let it show out

And it was the look of wonder I saw on their faces

And the wine and the way it broke us all down that all the avenues of escape

Were lost and then the openings were apparent and the who means what to whom and

How much and why and for how long were all delineated and counted out

with all its inevitable torture.  And all the inevitable longing and longing to be rocked

Comes out of you and you feel crying.  And crying and they don’t know why you’re

Crying. And you’re crying because of the longing to be the loving touch,

Or a whispered word or a loving, whispered word in a worried ear.

Remembered for the how much and how long and what for and it comes out and I

Can’t say to anybody you’ve been there for how long and for what

Because who was there is now gone, what was a length of time is now gone

Because they are all gone and the meaning that one night went with it.

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