From one relationship to the other!

Warning: It’s gonna be a rough ride bro!

It’s only been two days since I’ve filed for bankruptcy 
It’s only been a week since I started seeing her
How much more joy can I feel?
I’m warning you, my wallet is starting to peel!

O girl, you were the break I was waiting for
You made me hallucinate in my car
What the heck, you’ve made me wake up
How sad, because, now I’m a nondescript  teacup!

I was dreaming all my life of you
Darn! What sort of a dream is this?
You looked a butterfly
Turns out you’re a Marxist spy!

Baby you’re so sweet, and smell of morose wheat
You’re all I ever wanted, but I never knew you were by your ex-boyfriend, hunted
Truth is upon me dawning
Though you never seem to stop perennially yawning!

Hey mate, you pretty darling Kate
Get lost by the front gate, for here comes Alison Pate
She’s my new date and verily forgiven for being late
Patch-up with your old fella-first say a soft ‘hello’



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