The future is you and you must be the change you want to see in the world.

People have the notion that the future is many years from the present but I absolutely disagree. I believe it is the next moment or second; and with no dreams for it, your future will never come to pass. I have a vision for futurity and it seems so bright. As said by Mahatma Gandhi, “You are the change you wish to see in the world”, my heart convinces me that the future begins with me and the responsibility to make a difference is mine.


I envisage a green tomorrow; when the world would go green with no more drought; global warming gone; when the breathing air will be free and non toxic; no depletion of the ozone layer and no more skin cancer; no contamination of the waters and eutrophication reduced hence, suitable for human consumption and aquatic life conservation; with zero or very few cases of Malaria, Typhoid and Cholera. For this to come to pass, I would incessantly advocate publicly for afforestation and educate the world on the significance of the practice. The policy ‘Cut one, plant two’ would be highly held and failure to comply would be punishable. Open air combustion of toxic substances such as Chlorofluorocarbons and free release of harmful gases into the atmosphere by factories would be discouraged. Sewage and wastewater would be recycled or treated before release into the water bodies. In addition to this, digging of latrines and proper waste disposal would be a major concern as this destroys grounds for breeding vectors like mosquito and flies.


I have a dream that democracy would be practiced and corruption would be a thing of the past; that time will surely come when gender equity would be promoted and there would be equal representation of both men and women in leadership positions; when everyone will have a right to talk and act without facing humiliation, torture or murder; and leaders will have our best interests at heart and not minding only their self gratification; when they will speak from the heart and not from their mouths. Through educating people, urging them to vote wisely and not to be lured by bribe or unrealistic promises, we will live in a democratic world. As youths we should realize that we are the leaders of tomorrow and with this in mind, we would work hand in hand with the leaders through our advocates to ensure this dream is not elusive.

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