An observation by the writer takes vistas of meaning of the bird’s world.

Crow   in    my    balcony.


In   the   troubled   weather,  in  the  seedy  

corner!  Seedy  for   the  speeding  wind 

 dishevels   all   dust   around:

 on   the  oval   shaped  edge,

 There  it  comes  like  the   ghost 

In   Hamlet, with   a   suspense, with   a   message,

Shattering   my   existence,  my   conviction,

Looks   askance, here   and there,

Pecks   a   piece  of  bread  crumb,

Now   caws   of  comradeship,

The  scattered  food  particles  are

 Certainly   not    Relief  to  hunger,

Gathered   crows  are    garnishing  confidence.

It  looks  as if  a  pastimes   for  the   clan.

Crows   befriend    the   lookers-on.


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