I used fragments of stuff meshed together to send a cryptic message to my one true love.. Needs to be vague-ish no explaining and just write what first comes to mind and this is what appeared.. so yerr..

You make my heart go tremble, atomic rush
taking time off my mind just for us
looking to my future.. I’m so feeling your love
feeling you completely and just the thought is enough
to get my mind going, to get my mind on a roll
That’s why for you I’d give the devil my soul..
a few minutes, a few seconds and I’m cold as stone
That’s how it is when you leave, I’m dead- dusty bone
looking out to you as you making my heart stop
flowing like a river you made the beat drop
carrying my heart in your hand
and I know your the only one who truly ever understands
These cryptic messages my heart lets splurt..
Like ink to paper you mend my heart and stop the hurt
Mind blazing thoughts of you and I
Forever together, yeah side by side..
Banana split ice cream for two..
But unlike it my love is only for you..
Pouring it in cups for your pleasure..
Make sure no matter what you understand I am yours forever
Just like two and two never stop being four
I will never for eternity stop being yours..
Because you make my heart tremble, atomic rush
I’m the canvas for the painting will you be my brush..?

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