A wee run before kick off…
May the best team win.

Well that was a helicopter, just rattling my windows

Poor Henrik, his cage was like a musical instrument

Rattling with the same intensity of my windows

Its cup final day stadium is only a mile down the road

Celtic the Glasgow team, and Kilmarnock from Ayrshire

My team is well Celtic from a distance mind you see

It’s not a healthy thing here in Glasgow to Be or not to Be

Let’s just call it that I grew up with a very mixed up family

Now my Father it wasn’t his fault it was just the way these

Things panned out you see Immigration is nothing new here in Glasgow

My own great great Grandfather was from Ireland in the early b1800’s

His Fathers records were burned, and I am at a dead end for now

My Mother on the other had, a wee Scottish Flower…

Her line now here I am a passionate Scot who knew he was a Scot

Just how much phew!

I just recently traced my mothers line 1900’s her Generation and beyond Glasgow

[1800 Glasgow Rutherglen Cambuslang ]

[1700's Rutherglen Cambuslang]

[1600's North west coast Scotland ]

I’ll let you know later were the 1400’s hide…

Anyways when I was a wee bit Babbie on ma Mamie’s knee

I heard the tales Scotland…

My Da his heed was pickled and maybes that is why I am sitting here writing this

Instead of shouting for a team hmm…

So anyway back on track today is cup final day here’s hoping it’s a good day

For both set of fans a good game with lots of good entertaining football

No trouble remember boys its Mother’s day too!!

Ave fun cheers.

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  • UncleSammy on Mar 18, 2012

    nice one

  • TooLate on Mar 18, 2012

    Nice poem.

  • erwinkennythomas on Mar 18, 2012

    may the best team win!

  • Tulan on Mar 19, 2012

    And a good time had by all, I hope the Celtics won.

  • indianwriting on Mar 20, 2012

    ha ha…good one!


  • Atanacio on Mar 20, 2012

    i dont know much about the sport but I will rout for your team matt:)

  • Ruby Hawk on Mar 20, 2012

    Matt,I don’t know the sport but you make it sound interesting.

  • Lisa Marie Mottert on Apr 24, 2012

    Interesting…liked this:0

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