Life is a cycle.

sometimes we need to be hurt
in order to be strong..
we need to accept things
although it will cause us pain
we need to grow..
we need to explore..
we need to be strong..
this is what life lesson taught us..
we need to live in a reality
where not all things are perfect..
but its being imperfect is not a reason
to just stay where we are…
we should strive to be near with that perfection..
life is a cycle..
we must let our wheels..
be  whirl in the ground..
we are the masterpiece of our own life..
the designer and architect of it..
come what may we are the one
who will have the last judgement
if we are been happy to where we are now…

Liked it
  • goodselfme on Sep 28, 2008

    Serene, picturesque description. Good thoughts

  • rainbow on Sep 30, 2008

    thank you for always giving me your insights..that’s one of my inspiration…

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