Poem about the dance of love.its a dance in movements,showing all the physical,emotional,and spiritual aspects of love in its highest,and yet in its noblest of humble forms…it is all knowing,willing and yearns for completeness….

The old mans face lit up,

you say you know all her songs,

and can sing them just off the cuff,

that is amazing stuff…,

Theres only one song I want to hear,

its called your love has lifted me higher,

if you could sing that my dear,

that would quench my hearts desires…,

If you sing like your grandma,

then I will dance the dance of love,

for she too was my favorite star,

and you and I will go far…,

Just then the little girls mom came,

she met the old man,

all gave their names,

and smiled as they shook hands…,

The little girl briefly told her mom,

why the old man was here,

why to their street he’d come,

and he added they have nothing to fear…,

For now they bid farewell,

made arrangements for another day,

and as they went their separate ways,

he could feel his heart swell…,

though the love he dreamed was gone,

he never ever felt bad,

for it was only a voice and song,

it was a love he never had…,

But for now he felt alive,

didnt feel at the end of a rope,

there was a spring in his stride,

the little girl had given him hope………………to be continued……

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  • Christine Ramsay on Oct 14, 2011

    There certainly seems to be hope in the air now. Come on little girl, sing!

  • Stan Wilson on Oct 14, 2011

    hahahaha okay Christine we’ll let the little girl sing huh…lol….thank you…

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