THis poem I wrote about how dreams and promises are broken.

Remember me if you do dare

When we walked together in winters air

We held hands throughout our walk

Then we laughed and joked if we did talk,

We were one! a husband and a wife

As we journeyed together throughout this life

My vow to you was forever more

Through good times and bad either rich or poor,

Your promise to me was to be at my side

Where you’d always stand and never would hide

You would give me strength when I am weak

And the support from you I would always seek,

We shared the same dreams as I had thought

As the same happiness and joys we had sought

But now I think back to that one December

If only now you were allowed to remember,

We walked and talked throughout that night

We held on to each other with all of our might

But then that day we forgot to say a prayer

Remember that as well, if you do dare.

Randy L. McClave

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