Not every person’s soul can be seen clearly. Some have a darkness hidden from view. Sometimes a person’s dark soul swallows their heart to where they can no longer love. But if a person’s soul is dark and lost, who is willing to care and search for that person, for who they really are or could be? Will that person die before really being known by others? Don’t let death come to a person before knowing them.

dusk swallows the heart
emptying the soul into darkness

blood curdling screams
pierces the quiet midnight air
awakening what is left
of the human race

but who is searching,
who really cares
about the blood
spilling upon the concrete
as long as it’s not them
who is dying alone
in a quiet alley
where the wolves gather
to eat their prey

and the dusk swallows the heart
emptying the soul into darkness
never to breathe again

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